What Will The Home Inspector Look For When I Sell My Home

Dated: 02/02/2017

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Image titleMost sellers like to make their homes look pretty, by touching up paint, planting new flowers in the front yard or decluttering but they really never consider making sure their home will pass a home inspection.  A home inspector will climb on the roof, into the attic and look at the A/C and  foundation for any major defects. I have created a list below of some of the items that come up during inspection that will help you be ahead of the game.  Don't lose a good buyer over a poor inspection report.

Check and make sure that these items are in good working order.

Smoke Detectors- Make sure they are in or near sleeping areas.

GFI - Ground Fault Interrupters- Make sure they are in the kitchen's and bath where there is water and electricity.

Roof  Make sure the roof if free of loose shingles and gutters and flashing are all in good order.  An inspector will give the buyer a ball park figure of how many years are left in the life of the roof.  Make sure all the skylights and chimneys have adequate flashing around them.

Windows - Make sure they all open and close easily and that there are not any cracked panes.  A little WD-40 to make sure your windows open smoothly will go a long way!Image title

A/C-Heat - Make sure to have your annual service check up so there are no surprises.

Plumbing - An inspector will check to see if the plumbing is done correctly and perform a pressure test to see if there is adequate pressure for the whole house.   Make sure you do not have leaks under sinks, This is a inexpensive repair but could alarm a buyer during an inspection

Electrical - An inspector will look at the electrical box to make sure there was not any DIY electrical work done and verify there is sufficient amount of power to the house.

Water Heater - The inspector will check the temperature of the water heater it should be over 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  They will also verify that there are not any leaks and there is an overflow pan under the water heater.  

Washer and Dryer- Washer connections and dryer vent are check to verify they are in good working order.  Another inexpensive to fix.

I believe this will give you a great start to prepare your home for sale and hopefully help it sell more quickly and efficiently.  If you are considering selling your home please call me so I can help walk you through the whole process.

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Dayna A. Roy




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