New Years Savings Tip

Dated: 01/11/2017

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Image titleMoney saving advice is always welcome after the crazy Christmas rush.  How about a little New Year tip!

January is the month to file your homestead exemption if you purchase a home in 2016.  You can save almost 

20% on your real estate taxes for 2017 and future years with the homestead exemption.

There are only a few requirements to file a homestead exemption

1.  The home you are filing exemption for must be your primary residence.

2.  You are not claiming a homestead exemption on another property.

3.  You purchased the home in 2016 or a prior year.

There are a few Items needed to file an exemption

1.  Texas Driver’s License or Texas ID. The address on the driver’s license or state ID must correspond to the address of theproperty for which an exemption is claimed in this application. Certain property owners can be exempt from this requirement.  

2.  Complete a Residential Homestead Application, you can find one on your county appraisal districts web site.

3.  Mail the form with the required documents to the appraisal district of the county you reside in or you can walk it in which is what I prefer to do to make sure they get the form.  Be sure to get a stamped copy showing it was received

Sit back and enjoy the savings, go to a movie, take your significant other out for dinner, take a mini vacation.  

If you have any questions or need my help to walk you through this process call me at 281-389-7827 or email me at

Dayna Roy - Realtor Associate

Sales with Integrity


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